Reasons To Be Cheerful

I posted this blog ten minutes ago, at which point everything except the title disappeared (possibly not unconnected with the content). So I’m having another go … Among the (very first-world) disadvantages of Covid are: having to cancel a trip to Italy; coughing and spluttering; streaming eyes; and (more than usual) brain fog. Consequences are: not going to Italy; not being able to concentrate on anything; failing to plant out sweet peas, prick out seedlings or deadhead anything.

However, it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of one little person don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. (Thank you, Rick.) So until I am actually capable of sequential thought again, I decided to post some of the pictures I have been tweeting as ‘reasons to be cheerful’ over the last few months. They are mostly of plants, as I am too slow to photograph all the more lively stuff, like the male blackcap who was taking a shower under my little pond fountain the other day.

My first big, red poppy yesterday – a bit battered by the lovely rain.
One of many alliums which have survived the squirrels.
This very old clematis has not grown much this year, but the flowers are impressive.
Fabulous tulips at Ulting Wick, before the plague arrived.
This rose was in the garden when we arrived in 1988 – does anyone know what it is?
The first flower on my ‘Jeanne’s Pink’.
A grass snake in the Botanic Gardens, along with one of my favourite people. (Credit: another of my favourite people)
Irises in the Victoria Tower Gardens.
A peacock in the garden, 10 April 2022.
Tulipa purissima.
A red anemone – it produced three flowers altogether.
One can never have too many fritillaries.
Pasque flowers at Easter.
Carlo Scarpa’s garden at the Querini Stampalia, Venice.
An undiscovered (by us, until then) corner of Venice.
A red admiral at the Botanic Garden, 10 March 2022.
Fritillaria raddeana just beginning – fantastic flowers, and I hope they will come back next year.
The beginning of spring.

I need to be recovered by Chelsea (25 May in my case) and the following strenuosities of half term – and ideally sooner, to save the sweet peas – any remedy suggestions gratefully received! And I hope normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


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2 Responses to Reasons To Be Cheerful

  1. Lovely spring photos Caroline. The fog will rise soon.


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