Almost a Year …

In 2017, I photographed one conifer @CUBotanicGarden once a month. I have to admit that the result was not completely gripping, so I thought that for 2018 I would track the development of the laid hedge there. I failed at the second post, as I don’t appear to have a picture for February – and June, August and September are also apparently absent. This is pretty embarrassing, given that I walk past it at least once a week. (I was getting so worried about memory lapses that I did a couple of those on-line ‘Diagnose your own Alzheimer’s’ tests, and am apparently absolutely fine (assuming I remember the result correctly, of course).)

Anyway, this is the chronological result.









Only mildly enthralling, you may think? But from June onwards I also photographed the research bed (where annuals are grown for use in laboratory work), not in any systematic way, just because it was so spectacular – and continued to be so, into late November.

Early June

Late June


Early October

Late October

Early November

Late November

For 2019, I have decided to focus on one plant again, but it is by many measures the most spectacular in the Garden – though it takes a bit of time to get going. Come back this time next year, in the hope that I have remembered to take the photos.


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